December Prayer and Praise 2013

2013 December Prayer and Praise

  1. We are still rejoicing over the wonderful Pastors’ Conference in Nicaragua as we follow up on all those who are now part of our weekly LOGOIgrams.
  2. Ed, his son David (the baseball player at University of Miami) and I are going to Cuba the second week of December.  Al Valdes will be teaching pastors in Havana the same week.  We will be checking up on our Pastors’ Program, and visiting those we love and work with there.  Five hundred (500) people are in our FLET Theological Study Program there and we look forward to some wonderful visits.  Pray that all will go smoothly – you never know what is ahead.
  3. We are moving from our LOGOI office building in December: a daunting task after being here for more than 20 years!  The best way I can describe it is that instead of having capital invested in a building, we are going to have capital to use in the ministry – with very careful planning.  But still, going through everything has been an emotional task.
  4. As the year’s end nears, we pray the Lord will put LOGOI’s Ministry on the hearts of those who can help us. And as the new year begins, we will be starting to work with our new $5 Mission project, attempting to draw the younger generation to help, as well.
  5. Merry Christmas, one and all. God has so faithfully cared for us at LOGOI this year and given us openings into thousands of pastors’ homes through our ministry.  We look forward to 2014.