November Prayer and Praise 2013

  1. Al Valdes, Patty Torrelio and I had a wonderful trip to Nicaragua for a pastor’s conference. Over 200 were in attendance.  They sat through 13 sessions on how to preach and financial care in their churches and homes.  I was the first on the program — and pretty nervous.  Thank you so much for your prayers as I gave testimony of how God is taking care of me and how I have been blessed.  It was a tender time for me to return again – this time without Les.  However, when Les taught once more from a DVD on “God the Father” –- everyone (even those who had never heard of him before) were moved and thrilled by his love for God and his clear teaching.
  2. Please pray that all those who signed up to study will follow through.  It is one thing to have good intentions and interest when you are on a “mountain top” and then it is another thing to go “back off the mountain” and begin studying alone.
  3. Please begin to pray for Ed and me as we prepare to return to Cuba the second week of December.  What wonderful opportunities the Lord continues to give us to go and see those whom LOGOI has served through the years.