September 2013

Al Valdes, Patty Torrelio and I had a wonderful trip to Nicaragua for a pastor’s conference. Over 200 were in attendance.  They sat through 13 sessions on how to preach and financial care in their churches and homes.  I was the first on the program — and pretty nervous.  Thank you so much for your… Read More»

I remember how fun it was to meet a former Olympian and National Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion.  Especially since he was a student in our FLET Bible School and he was standing in the church auditorium my grandfather built in Cuba. His name is Angel and he is over 6’ tall and burly.  His years as… Read More»

Not too long ago, I was speaking at a mission conference and met a young family excited about moving overseas to become missionaries.  They were a handsome family.  The father was tall and lean and reminded me of the branch manager at my local bank.  His wife was well dressed and manicured and I guessed… Read More»

Remember those good old days when the entire church got excited about your annual mission conference?  You have to “remember,” because for most, it’s been years since our mission conference was anything but exciting. I distinctly remember two young families happily walking into my church only to discover it was “Mission Sunday.”  I saw their… Read More»

I realize that sounds sacrilegious, but it’s true.  He did fix my lawnmower.  In fact, I see and talk to Jesus just about every day and believe me, it’s quite comforting.  He’s always warm and friendly, eager to listen and help, and is very good at fixing things. He lives in the house next door.… Read More»