September Prayer and Praise 2013

  1. Ed has been to a conference designed to help us with new ideas to attract new ministry partners.  Pray that we will be able to keep LOGOI’s ministry vibrant and impactful.  Week by week we are thrilled with the responses and new people signing up from all over the Spanish world.  (Les would be thrilled that we are reaching even more than he ever dreamed.)  Now, we need to do the same with partners in ministry here in the U.S.
  2. A new audio Piénsalo (You Think About That) is going out every week. These minute long sermonettes are a great encouragement to all who listen. What a great addition to our LOGOI website!
  3. We continue to prepare our LOGOI books for the ereading world.  To our surprise, the ebooks are being purchased more there than on our website!
  4. Next month, three of us will be going to Nicaragua for another pastor’s conference.  It will be my first return since losing Les two years ago.  I’m taking one of my colleagues with me for moral support:  Patty Torrelio, a long time and faithful part of our LOGOI staff.  They have asked me to speak, but I am also taking Les along via a wonderful teaching video on “God the Father.”  Ed fixed it up so well that it is like watching a tv program with all the extra footage.  I know the pastors will love hearing him one more time.
  5. As many of our supporting churches look at their missionary interest waning, we suffer the consequences and decisions they have to make.  Ed is working on a video to attract 20-30 year olds to get involved in missions. It seems few young Christians have gotten involved and we pray the Lord will touch their hearts for the sake of the gospel.  Pray that Ed’s plans will be blessed by the Lord.