August Prayer and Praise 2013

August 2013 Prayer and Praise

  1. It often feels as if summer months make missions invisible in our world. But we remain very visible throughout the Spanish world! Our weekly LOGOIGRAMAS reach out to thousands of pastors and leaders, and we love getting responses. Here are some:
    1. Cuba: the government has begun to allow their citizens to use the internet! But it costs almost $5 an hour and you can only use government computers. However, one Cuban pastor sent us word that he got to see our LOGOI website for the first time and how thrilled he was to see so many resources.
    2. Another pastor says: “I want to establish a study group in my church. Please tell me more.”
    3. Peru: “I want you to know I have signed up to begin the course on how to study the Bible. I am starting today, July 23.”
    4. And then more just like the ones above have written from all across the Spanish world saying they are ready and excited to begin study groups in their churches.

  2. A curious praise item: many are now getting our books on their ebook readers: like Kindles, Nooks, and iPads. People are skipping bookstores and websites and going straight to places where they can have their books right there in their hands – in seconds. What a world!
  3. Rejoice with us that God is allowing LOGOI to be on the front line of today’s modern electronic world. What a privilege and honor to serve Him and be available 24/7 around the world.