Special June Message

Warm summer greetings from Miami. I wanted to send you a personal letter to keep you in the loop regarding LOGOI.

First, our ministry in Cuba remains vibrant.  You will be excited to know some 7,000 people in Cuba are using our Bible courses.  The vast majority of this group are new believers being trained in both discipleship and for leadership positions in the church.

Groups between 10 and 20 are being taught and led by local pastors in such areas as: essential Christianity, discipleship, apologetics, and church growth.  This is part of the legacy begun by my grandfather, carried on by my father, and now, in God’s kindness, by us today.  (Note: While LOGOI’s series of FLET Bible study materials are the primary resources being used, several ministries are involved in providing the Bible resources and training of this group of believers.)

Our P.I.G.s (Pastor Investment Gifts) are also being put to use in Cuba as a means of covering both the costs of this Bible training as well as providing some much needed cash to help start a small pig-farm business or help pastors in a time of need.

We are also putting a lot of energy, focus, and resources into our LOGOIgrams — electronic care-packages of Bible resources and on-the-job training sent to pastors and Bible students overseas twice per month.   LOGOIgrams are the catalyst for which LOGOI’s ministry revolves and include things like Bible lessons, counseling tips, sermon outlines, discounts for books, discounts for Bible courses, and even coupons for coffee at local coffee shops as they come available.  Over 10,000 are currently receiving our LOGOIgrams!

And now, for Father’s Day, a very special friend of our ministry as well as an outstanding father, has provided us a challenge!  To help kick off the newest addition to our LOGOIgram — the Spanish version of Steve Brown’s popular, “You Think About That” radio spots (called “Piénsalo“), he is providing a $6,000 matching grant challenge!

For every dollar given toward our LOGOIgram ministry this month, he will match it —  up to $6,000! What a great way to double your donation!

Thank you for being a part of the LOGOI family!  We thank the Lord for you.  Together, God is giving us the joy of “equipping the saints” and proclaiming the Good News throughout the Spanish world.


Ed Thompson, President