A Special Event in Cuba

We wanted you to know that this Sunday, June 9th, over 400 pastors across Cuba will be preaching one of my Dad’s sermons. Rather amazing!

A few months ago,”Pachy”, the Director of the Los Pinos Nuevos churches in Cuba (the denomination begun by my Grandfather), was visiting us here in Miami. He was a special friend of my Father. In fact, he named one of his sons after my Dad.

In a spur of the moment decision, my Mom decided to give Pachy one of my Dad’s hand written notebooks filled with dozens of his sermons. It was an instant treasure to Pachy. He took it back to Cuba and somehow made little booklet copies for every one of the Los Pinos Nuevos pastors.

This is what he wrote in the booklet dedication:

A Man Sure of the Word of God

Dr. Leslie Thompson dedicated all his life teaching the Word of God.

We have here some of his sermons for you, to the glory of God.

We Cuban pastors are deeply grateful for the ministry Les gave

to our country. We will never forget you!

Pachy went one step further and has encouraged all the Los Pinos Nuevos pastors to take Dad’s sermon notes from Colossians chapter one titled, “How to Live a Godly Life,” make it their own, and preach it this Sunday, June 9th. What an honor!

So this Sunday, as we collectively go to church to worship and celebrate our Lord and Savior, we hope the Lord brings Cuba to your mind. And if He does, please join us in prayer for the church in Cuba. And rejoice with us knowing Dr. Les Thompson continues to be used of God to help and encourage his beloved Cuban pastors to proclaim God’s Word.


Ed Thompson