June Prayer and Praise 2013

It’s all about CUBA this month!
…and more.

  1. We had a wonderful visit from Norberto Quesada, the director of Los Pinos Association in Cuba, the work that was founded by Elmer Thompson, Les’s father. The church is growing and growing, and as Ed reported in April’s letter, over 7,000 people are taking Bible courses there today! They are using Bible courses from several sources, but he told us again that the primary resources they use are LOGOI/FLET’s. What a thrill for us to hear about God at work in Cuba.
  2. Last month, Norberto copied some of Les’s sermons (he says in the U.S. we have copyrights, but in Cuba they have the “right to copy”) for his pastors. He came to ask me for a special date to have all the Los Pinos churches preach one of Les’s sermons. That date is June 9. What a joy! (I gave Norberto another of Les’s original sermon books with the “right to copy.”)
  3. Because so much is happening in Cuba, Norberto invited LOGOI to return to Cuba to help his key pastors get started in our new and improved FLET Bible Study Program. Our LOGOI Professor Al Valdes will be going in early December to guide these men of God into our studies that have stood true through the decades.

    NOTE: Norberto’s wife was here as well, and since I have taken so many wedding dresses there, she wanted me to know that this very last Sunday one of the wedding dresses was going to be used – again. Their joy of having beautiful wedding dresses just filled the room.
  4. Outside of Cuba, we are thrilled to receive news from pastors throughout the Spanish world. Here is one from Mexico: “I have bought some FLET courses and am using them with Indian pastors and leaders we work with in Nayarit. The courses are a great blessing and we are so thankful LOGOI has made these available.”