May Prayer and Praise 2013

  1. Al Valdes just came back from Guatemala where he was able to connect with leaders from across the Spanish world, and re-introduce LOGOI/FLET courses. He came back with many new names of people not only interested in studying God’s Word, but he was also able to spread more news about FLET. He was again reminded of the great lack of trained leadership and how easily our brothers and sisters get side-tracked.
  2. Al also discovered first hand that FaceBook is a BIG DEAL to the young people in Latin America. How thankful we are to have a Spanish LOGOI Facebook presence where we see more and more new friends signing up. Pray for us to keep posting subjects that will capture interest and further investigation to the Almighty God we serve.
  3. Every single day new people sign up on our website. Pray that they will find the encouragement and help they need to continue in their ministries. We love getting their feedback and sincere questions from their worlds.
  4. LOGOI is working at getting our textbooks into the correct form for them to be available on our smart devices: Amazon, iphone, kindle, etc. The few we have already put up are being downloaded more regularly than they are on our own website! What a challenge to keep up with this modern world of ours. But what a joy to think our books that have been so hard to find through the years are now so easily available anywhere in the world!
  5. Summer months come up and tend to make us think we are forgotten! Please pray for our mail and email to be read and to touch hearts to those who can share a little with LOGOI. How we thank the Lord for our faithful ministry partners!