April Prayer and Praise 2013

  1. We are thrilled with the activity on LOGOI’s Facebook: it is reaching thousands of Spanish people who are probably not pastors and leaders but seekers and believers — people interested enough to want to open our page to find answers and learn more about our wonderful Savior and Lord. It is a whole new “adventure” for us and we thank the Lord.
  2. LOGOI and Third Millennium are about to introduce three courses to a completely new audience. The courses will be on: Fundamentals of the Christian Faith, The Old Testament, The Ten Commandments, Genesis and Acts. Pray that this new relationship, as well as all the electronic details, will work smoothly.
  3. FLET (Facultad Latinoamericana de Estudios Teológicos) update: we now have four Bible courses finished with eight more nearing completion.
  4. Rev. Al Valdes, LOGOI/FLET professor and course developer, will be traveling to Guatemala to re-introduce FLET to hundreds of pastors and leaders. Pray the Lord will open new doors to assist the church there.