March Prayer and Praise 2013

  1. I have been busy at mission conferences and now here comes a women’s retreat. I have asked the Lord to give me peace and rest in this new experience of speaking. Lots of sleepless nights give me time to talk to the Lord. I have gone into Les’s books to see what he has written, and am so thrilled to see that he continues to help me. So I’m taking him (and most of all, the Lord) along — isn’t that great?
  2. We have begun to record “Piénsalo” (You Think About That!) in Spanish. This is Steve Brown’s 3-minute radio spots that we will introduce to a Spanish audience. Over 70 people who have registered on our site indicate they work in radio, so we will have some new material for them to use very soon.
  3. Two churches in Texas are beginning to use our FLET studies in their churches. Rejoice with us that God is using these electronic courses to strengthen His church.
  4. Thank the Lord with us that over 10,000 people receive bi-monthly resources from LOGOI. The last one, “Can we lose eternal salvation?” has been widely read through our Facebook page as well as our own email listing.