February Prayer and Praise 2013

  1. PRAY for God’s blessing as we make a “BIG SPLASH” introducing our “new and improved” FLET Bible study courses. The new version is being made available electronically on our website for where ever Spanish is spoken. Over 60 people have already signed up. We are praying many hundreds will join to study together. Here we go!
  2. PRAYER: A big job for us right now is preparing all our books for “smart” phones, devices, and e-readers. Some in the technology world claim these smart devices will soon replace the computer. We already see that more people get our books for their smart devices than anywhere else. How wonderful to use these modern things for God’s glory!
  3. PRAISE: We just sent “P.I.G.” money to Colombia. I can only imagine what the different pastors receiving their Pastor Investment Gift (P.IG.) will say and do. For sure, it will be a great encouragement. And then we will snatch them up to study God’s Word in a programmed way through our web courses.
  4. PRAYER: February is “Missions Conference Month.” I will be going to two conferences on my own and would appreciate your prayers. I am still not quite used to doing this “solo.”