January 2013

PRAY for God’s blessing as we make a “BIG SPLASH” introducing our “new and improved” FLET Bible study courses. The new version is being made available electronically on our website for where ever Spanish is spoken. Over 60 people have already signed up. We are praying many hundreds will join to study together. Here we… Read More»

I keep thinking I will be finishing with writing an annual letter… but Ed keeps asking me if my letter is written. So hello again and Happy 2013! I have been discovering this year that even though I am alone and will forever miss Les, I am continuing on – even with joy in my… Read More»

Oh my! I have not been focusing on LOGOI these past couple of weeks as I went to Georgia to be with my two sons and their families. All I can tell you is that I am very, very blessed to have such a wonderful family who loves me and loves the Lord. I was… Read More»