The Best Christmas Gifts…. EVER!

Do you wish you were incredibly rich? Imagine, living in a small mansion in the nicest part of town. Wouldn’t it be great to eat at the finest establishments, drive the most luxurious of cars and travel the world first class? And of course, wouldn’t it be wonderful to give away lavish amounts of money to your favorite ministry—especially one that rhymes with “oh boy?

What a dream.  Or is it?

It’s been good to be reminded what simple gifts can mean to those in need. This is especially evident in our P.I.G.s for Pastor ministry. As a reminder, our Pastor Investment Gift (P.I.G.) ministry provides free Bible and pastoral training along with a gift of $50 to help in a time of need.  It is designed for pastors who need Bible training and who are also struggling financially.

To hundreds of pastors, our P.I.G. ministry is a dream-come-true. Most can hardly believe it..The “thank you” notes make our hearts swell with gratitude to our Heavenly Father. “I was finally able to buy glasses so I can easily read my Bible,” one pastor said.  Another said, “My wife is very ill and I was able to buy some needed medicine.”  Yet another said, “Sometimes it feels like I’m alone and God has forgotten about me…then I received a P.I.G. from LOGOI.”

Well, here’s something else most of us can hardly believe.  If you belong to Christ, you have been adopted by God the Father. But it gets better.  Not only have you been adopted, you have received an official pardon for every sin committed and yet to be committed.

But it gets even better.  You are the “next-of-kin” for an inheritance so vast it’s impossible to comprehend.

So this Christmas, we’d like to remind you of three mind- boggling gifts Jesus has given you.  We found a wonderful Christmas sermon from Les’ treasure chest of messages and adapted it for you in the form of three certificates. You can even make them into beautiful paper ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.  We hope family and friends ask about them giving you the opportunity to open it and let them read the certificate inside.

The first one—your Adoption Certificate—is included here. The other two are ready for you to download at Each one is a beautiful reminder of the best Christmas gifts…ever.  We encourage you to share these greatest gift certificates with others.

We thank the Lord for your partnership with us.  And we pray the Lord will encourage you to send a special year-end gift to LOGOI.  In turn, we invest in the lives and ministries of national pastors to help them joyfully tell others about these amazing Christmas gifts.

Think back about the very best Christmas gifts you ever received.  Maybe it was a new bicycle when you were eight years old, or a new car when you were 18.  For some, maybe it was a special piece of jewelry handed down from one generation to the next, which finally came to you.   But whatever that best gift was, it pales in comparison to three amazing gifts God has given you.