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Adoption Certificate Ornament

Download  the 8.5×11 Template for 2 pages. Print each sheet and paste them back to back. You can print them at 95% to fit completely on paper. Face each like these photos.

  1. Fold the top on the dotted line A.
    Then fold the bottom on dotted line B. Open the folds up so you can cut in step 2.
  2. Cut along solid white lines.
  3. Cut the blue line to the middle of each star (the left star from the top and the right star from the bottom).
  4. Refold the flaps you folded in step 1. (A and B)
  5. Fold inside along the dotted line C. Now fold inside on the dotted line D.
  6. This is the trickiest step! Hold onto each star and slide the star with the cut on the bottom into the slit on the top of the other star. Slide together so that they are lined up. Now arrange the stars to be as 3-D as you like. You can even add an ornament hook to the top and use it for decoration (Punch through the small green dot on the top) Be sure to write in a special name in the certificate!