December Prayer and Praise 2012

Prayer and Praise December 2012

  1. PRAYER: Christmas season brings ministries like LOGOI great anticipation and concerted prayer. We pray those who know LOGOI will remember to include us in their prayers and of course, their year-end giving. In spite of our country’s financial struggles, we know God is in control. We often quote Les, “It is better to trust in God than in any person.”
  2. PRAISE: Sixty-four (64) students are studying our “new and improved” FLET Bible course right here in Homestead, Florida. They agreed to be our “guinea pigs” and tell us how a brand new system works for them. We didn’t expect so many! There is a men’s group, a ladies’ group, and a mixed group. They course they are studying is “Essential Christianity” which includes:
    1. Knowing Scripture
    2. Apologetics
    3. Essential doctrines of the Christian faith
  3. PRAYER: Our LOGOI Board will be meeting this month. We pray they will be of one accord as they set the 2013 plans and budget and along with all behind the scenes detail work that keeps us going year round.
  4. PRAISE: “P.I.G.S” have been delivered to pastors in Cuba, Colombia and Chile. The thank you’s from them give us great joy. Now they will begin to do the “REAL” thing: study God’s Word and enrich their lives as well as the congregations they serve. What a great way to begin 2013!