December 2012

Prayer and Praise December 2012 PRAYER: Christmas season brings ministries like LOGOI great anticipation and concerted prayer. We pray those who know LOGOI will remember to include us in their prayers and of course, their year-end giving. In spite of our country’s financial struggles, we know God is in control. We often quote Les, “It… Read More»

Do you wish you were incredibly rich? Imagine, living in a small mansion in the nicest part of town. Wouldn’t it be great to eat at the finest establishments, drive the most luxurious of cars and travel the world first class? And of course, wouldn’t it be wonderful to give away lavish amounts of money to… Read More»

Adoption Certificate Please click here to download your large copy of this certificate that you can print. NOTE from Les: As I read my Adoption Certificate, I became very embarrassed. My mind went back to a little boy in Colombia… I was teaching in Colombia when I met a man who was the janitor of… Read More»

Adoption Certificate Ornament Download  the 8.5×11 Template for 2 pages. Print each sheet and paste them back to back. You can print them at 95% to fit completely on paper. Face each like these photos. Fold the top on the dotted line A. Then fold the bottom on dotted line B. Open the folds up… Read More»