November Prayer and Praise 2012

  1. We sent an electronic book in October to all the pastors and leaders who have registered on our website. It was Les’s last book, Cartas a Carlos (Letters to Carlos) full of his love for pastors and their calling and what God requires. A pastor from Bogotá, Colombia wrote: “Tremendous, LOGOI friends! What a spectacular book. If you begin to read it, you cannot put it down until you are finished. I am so thankful for this gift. I do not have words to express how this arrived for me in a God moment. What can I do to say thanks? Tremendous, tremendous.
  2. Another praise: “The Carlos from Cuba,” to whom Les dedicated the book, came to our office in October on his first trip to the U.S. His new word was “Wow!” And then he bowed in tears as he read the book dedication. It is on our website for you to grasp the significance of this, too. (You can find this on our home page.)
  3. As we get ready for these last two months of 2012, please pray that we will use our time wisely and that God will supply our needs. We set a lofty goal to help 1200 pastors by the end of the year. We have already sent “PIGs” (Pastor Investment Gifts) to pastors in Cuba, Chile, and Colombia to date, with many more to go. Each pastor receives $50 and then is enrolled in a Bible course on our website, free of charge. What wonderful two-fold help each is receiving: (1) A $50 gift to help in a time of real need and (2) Bible courses to help them serve the King of Kings.