October Prayer and Praise 2012

  1. This Fall season introduces a new LOGOI project called P.I.G.s for Pastors. We have sent the first Pastor Investment Gifts to a group of pastors in Chile and look forward to hearing what happens with these “cups of cold water”. Then, we have the joy of “equipping them to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12) through our online Bible courses and resources. This is not only a great way to stay in contact with those we are serving, but it enables us to help and encourage with questions and challenges they face right now, today. Join us in prayer as these P.I.G.’s arrive in Chile.
  2. Pray with us that we will reach our P.I.G. goal of helping 1200 pastors by the end of the year.
  3. We continue to rejoice in the response to Randy Alcorn’s booklet, Sexual Temptation [Tentación sexual]. We are very excited about our new relationship with Randy’s Eternal Perspective Ministries. One of our first projects was to translate his booklet on establishing guardrails and winning the battle of sexual temptation into Spanish and deliver it to over 10,000 pastors and leaders throughout Latin America. Randy’s approach is so tender and yet strong as he directs us to our loving and forgiving God. Continue to pray as this booklet has moved way beyond our borders – including Cuba. It is available for you in English, too!
  4. As the missions conference “season” begins, I (Carolyn Thompson) will be moving out beyond my comfort zone again – without Les. I ask for your prayers that I will be strong and able to continue telling the story of God’s wonderful work in my life and here at LOGOI.
  5. LOGOI is joyfully re-introducing our “new and improved” FLET study courses – this time via the internet at https://logoi.org/?post_type=certificate. A few “guinea pig” churches are taking courses right now as we test this new approach making certain everything is clear and doable. Lord willing, we are positioned to reach more pastors and teaching leaders than ever before with the marvels of technology.