September 2012 Prayer and Praise

Prayer and Praise September 2012

  1. It has now been one year since Les moved to his new heavenly residence. Remembering all the great things he accomplished is such a blessing – but most of all, remembering how he dearly loved the Lord Jesus and served him faithfully all his life is such a treasure. We continue to hear from so many of the Spanish pastors and leaders he impacted by his visits or his books or his availability on our website. So, Les is still ministering to many, many of his beloved Spanish friends throughout the Spanish world. What a blessing!
  2. LOGOI has just finished translating a little booklet by Randy Alcorn, Sexual Temptation, which has a special chapter addressed to pastors and leaders. We introduced it on our website and have seen great interest as these servants have quickly downloaded the material. May the Lord use this to help the Church stay pure and holy before God. The English version of his book is being sent to all our partners in ministry as well.
  3. We are introducing a new LOGOI project called P.I.G.s for Pastors and pray it will bring a new interest and involvement to this wonderful ministry God is using to impact the Spanish world.