July-August Praise and Prayer 2012

Prayer and Praise July-August 2012

  1. With grateful praise, I (Carolyn Thompson) had a thrilling and rewarding experience at Redwood Chapel’s VBS in California. Over 1100 were there every day for 9 days! I had the honor of being the missionary story teller, so five times a day the children scurried in to “Grandma Carolyn’s Chapel” to hear my stories. I’m told that sixty-seven children made professions of faith! I’m also thrilled to say some of the children told me they want to be missionaries. God is so good. Now I pray the Lord will work in their hearts as they grow so they will love Him and want to serve Him.
  2. Al Valdes was in Managua, Nicaragua for a conference for pastors and their wives. Over 300 were there. It is where Les and I loved going these past years. He was able to interact with them, listen to their concerns, find out what kinds of resources they have and would like to have and tell them about LOGOI’s new courses on the internet.
  3. Ed and Al Valdes were just in Orlando to continue developing our relationship with 3rd Millenium and our very exciting partnership opportunities. Pray we do all things well in this enormous endeavor.
  4. FLET, our wonderful on-the-job Bible training ministry that Les and the staff began in 1979, is back under our LOGOI name and website. We are just getting Bible courses up on the web so that anyone, anywhere can seriously study and learn more of God’s Word.
  5. Just think: LOGOI is ministering to more today than ever before in our history – because of our website and modern technology. Using today’s electronic media is like the invention of the printing press in Martin Luther’s day!