June Prayer and Praise 2012

Prayer and Praise June 2012

  1. Al Valdes, LOGOI’s Bible Education Director, will be going to Nicaragua for a pastor’s conference. He will focus his teaching on how to study the Bible and how to prepare sermons (homiletics). He will be doing what Les always did – bringing God’s Word to pastors who are eager to learn.
  2. I (Carolyn Thompson) will be going to Redwood Chapel in Castro Valley, California for a two week DVBS where I will be the missionary story teller. This church always has hundreds and hundreds of children and I will be telling them my story every day as they come in and out of the chapel according to their ages. That means I will be repeating myself 5 times a day, for two weeks! Even though I have done it before, this time it will be more tender and I truly need your prayers that I will be strong and make an impact for the Lord on these children’s lives.
  3. We are about to launch our new and improved “FLET Bible School on Line” – using our LOGOI textbooks. Al Valdes created our last study guides that were printed for the FLET students. We are thrilled to be able to re-introduce FLET (Facultad Latinoamericana de Estudios Teólogicos) once again. Al has written new study guides for the electronic world and we look forward to introducing them to pastors and leaders. Pray with us that God will greatly use these. FLET is a well-known and much respected entity throughout the Spanish world.