Do they Celebrate Christmas in Heaven?

Whenever a question like this popped into my head, I would simply walk over to my Dad’s office, sit on the corner of his desk, and toss out my question.

Dad loved these little Q & A sessions.  He’d usually lean back in his chair and smile as he thought it over.  He hardly ever blurted out a quick reply because his answers always had to have biblical backing.  I knew the drill and would just sit and wait while his mind raced over various texts.

I never thought to ask Dad this question when he was here; but I’m sure wondering now.  In my mind’s eye, I see Dad pulling out his Bible and saying something like, “Well, we first have to get past the fact that Jesus probably wasn’t born in December…”  To which I would have replied, “That’s just a detail, keep going…”  Then, Dad would have begun referencing various passages related to my question such as the “great cloud of witnesses” that surround us (Hebrews 12:1) and how angels rejoice when a single “lost sheep” is found (Luke 15:6-7).  “So we know there are things that cause celebration in heaven,” Dad may have said.

He probably would have discussed the fact that we on earth are bound by time while those in heaven are not.  “Even so,” he would say aloud, “Jesus did break through time and space and was physically born into the world on a specific day which caused angels to rejoice…”

nd on and on our discussion would go as we would both imagine what Christmas might be like in Heaven.  What a choir!  What lights!  What an incredible, mind boggling celebration it would have to be.  We would laugh and enjoy our creative thinking on the subject and just feel so very blessed to be part of God’s family.

Then finally, at least in this case, we’d have to conclude that while the Bible does not give us a specific answer to this question, it would probably be just fine to believe that, “Yes, they do celebrate Christmas in heaven.”

I can’t tell you how much I miss those sweet times with my Dad.  As I look back, what a blessing it was to have had such wonderful private seminary classes with my favorite professor over all these years.

It was with this concept in mind that LOGOI started our Q&A sessions via our Virtual Pastor’s Office.  Much like walking into my Dad’s office and tossing out my questions, the idea was simply to give Spanish pastors the opportunity to ask a trusted Bible professor their questions.

Today, a trusted panel of LOGOI Bible professors continues to answer questions from pastors and Bible teachers across the Spanish world. It is a powerful part of our ministry that we are looking to expand in the months ahead. It is also from this part of our ministry that Dad’s last book, “Letters to Carlos”, was developed.

So now, I would like to provide you a year-end opportunity to get “Letters to Carlos” to a Spanish pastor. For every $10, we will deliver this powerful and much needed Christmas gift for you before the year is out. $10 for one book, $100 for 10, $250 for 25, etc. Our Christmas list is over 10,000 pastors long and we don’t want to leave one person out. What a joy to include your partnership with this challenge.

Finally, if you’re wondering, I still wanted a more definitive answer to my “do they celebrate Christmas in heaven question.” So I called my new personal seminary professor and theologian…my brother Dan, the pastor of a great church in Titusville, Florida, and asked him my question. For a moment, I felt as if my Dad was right here with me once again. Dan laughed and after a brief pause he said, “Ed, don’t you know? The answer is ‘Yes!’… every day!”

Ed Thompson