September 2010

“If anything can go wrong, it will.”

“At the most inopportune time.”

“If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.”

He keeps rearing his ugly head over here at LOGOI, but we just won’t give up.  We were so excited to finally launch our new, innovative LOGOI website, we could hardly stand it.  Finally, the green light came on.  We pushed the launch button…

… and ran right into Murphy. The entire website crashed.

This was actually one of those so called “good problems.” I’m told so many Spanish pastors and leaders were trying to access LOGOI, our web-host system couldn’t handle it. But I know it was really Murphy.

We quickly maneuvered to move the entire website to a new web host capable of handling large activity.  24 hours or so later, we were ready for launch #2.  We once again excitedly hit the launch button…

…and suddenly, there was Murphy again.  The website could now handle high traffic, but all our carefully crafted words had changed to gibberish. Spanish pastors started emailing asking, “Is this Portuguese or Creole?”  I’m told our new web host imported our database improperly causing every Spanish word with an accent to change into gibberish.  It also inexplicably zapped over 100 pastors who had just signed on.

BUT I KNOW it was Murphy.

Y FATHER, the theologian, doesn’t believe in Murphy.  In fact, while I was busy growing ulcers over these problems which couldn’t have occurred at a worse time, Dad remained rather calm.  “You might want to re-read Genesis 3 again, son,” he said with what looked to me like a slight grin.

I knew exactly to what he was referring, as I’ve discussed this uncomfortable truth with him many times. …All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from [the ground].  It will grow thorns and thistles for you, though you will eat of its grains (Gen. 3:17-18).

“In other words,” Dad explained again, “the curse on mankind is that in all of life we will have struggles.  The thorns and thistles make certain of that.  It’s never easy.  But, with hard work and the ‘sweat on your brow,’ you WILL eat of its grains.”

Now I miss Murphy.  He was much easier to deal with than God Himself!

I can tell you that, yes, our wonderful new website has been launched and while we still have a bunch of thorns and thistles to deal with, we have already begun to see God’s promise of “eating of its grains.”  Over 1,400 Spanish pastors and leaders have already enrolled and are absolutely thrilled with their new “Virtual Pastor’s Office.”

Our new website eliminates language barriers, puts “Christians sitting in pews” in direct ministry action and control, instantly solves the significant problem of obtaining sound Bible and pastoral resources overseas, puts missionaries and their work directly in front of your church members, and makes one-time repeated donations of $10 and $20 some of the best mission investments you can make.

So despite Murphy—or to say it better, those ugly thorns and thistles—it is up, running, and working right now!

And with that, I’m asking for your help.  Specifically, I’m asking for you to visit all the wonderful parts of the website and see for yourself what our struggle is about.  And of course, I’m asking you to pull out your credit card, check out the WishLists, and buy a pastor a book or some material he truly needs and wants.  It certainly is a very fulfilling and fun way to give to missions—and every dollar you give in this way is 100% tax deductible.

And for those of us technology challenged people who just don’t use computers, don’t worry.  We are so grateful to the Lord for partnership and very much ask for your prayers and financial backing.

So, despite all the “thorns and thistles,” by God’s grace, we’re hanging in there and moving forward.  Thank you for standing with us.  We thank the Lord for you!

God bless,

Ed “Murphy” Thompson


Dear Ed,
Thanks for the update and for hanging in there…in spite of Murphy.
We would like to DONATE ONLINE NOW to be used by LOGOI where needed most.